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Since 1975 I have been spending time learning my craft (part-time) at colleges and with potters in Essex, Lincoln (Tony Davis) and Newark (Simon Hall), whilst maintaining a career in agricultural and horticultural plant breeding. I retired from plant breeding in 2014 at the age of 60 with a very long held ambition to have a second career as a potter. My pottery was restored and equipped by the end of 2015 in an old building in our garden, and commercial production started. 

My style of pottery is traditional, but with contemporary twists; encompassing an equal emphasis on function and beauty. It is important to me that my pots are used regularly by everyone that owns one, rather than just sitting in a cupboard or on a shelf.

If you can come to see me, please do! The pottery is in our half acre garden that we have developed over the past 36 years (see garden page). Please contact me to check I am here and for those of you who aren’t local I do have an online shop which is updated regularly. All pieces are individual. I can deliver to the UK and anywhere else in the world.

Please sign up to my irregular newsletter, sent via e mail, on the sign up page. Back copies of the Newsletters are on this page.  I will keep you up to date on what is happening in the pottery and the garden and with any events or fairs I will be attending. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my site.

Thank you for visiting.